Commercial Illustrations

Over the years I have created landing pages and other website imagery that brings visual interest to websites and brands. These illustrations often peak interest from users by conveying a message before users have even committed to reading the text. My clients have often decided to extend the use of these images into their corporate templates for reports and slide decks.

Selected Work

Hot air balloon with programming language symbols in the centre, floating in the sky. Brand image for Cantan Group.

Cantan Group is a software development and design firm that I co-own. I created both the logo and illustrations and wanted them to be cohesive and aesthetically pleasing. The idea behind the landing page was to reflect the cloud-based era of computing that we are in, as well as emphasize the different facets of the business.

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Stylized HEQCO logo

For the HEQCO website redesign and soft rebrand project I created a custom illustration style for HEQCO, that included new brand colours, specific brush styles and an overall aesthetic that was new to the organization.

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Image depicting three people at a cross walk. One with a dog, one on a bike, one in a wheelchair.

ACHECKS is a web accessibility monitoring software. The illustrations were meant to highlight different concepts and aspects of the site as well as bring visual interest.

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