ACHECKS Landing Page

ACHECKS is a web accessibility software that goes through various checks to ensure a website is WCAG 2.0 compatible. This graphic was used as the landing page for potential customers to see the dashboard interface they would see upon completion of the check. This was meant to show how clear the interface was as well as give the website some personality. It can be viewed at This is an example of the vector graphics we can now provide.

ACHECKS Accessibility Graphic

This illustration was created for the ACHECKS website. It was meant to illustrate the concept of accessibility. We have a person in a wheel chair, a person with a seeing eye dog and a person on a bike. Accessibility (like that created at a crosswalk) are created for the disabled. However, what often happens is that it ends up mutually benefiting the abled in society as well (i.e. the person on the bike benefits from the same infrastructure that was created for the person in the wheelchair).