Logo Design

Over the years I have created bespoke logos for organizations to represent their brands in meaningful ways. I pull from the company's mission statement in order to create icon that is representative of brand values. I am particular in creating a simple icon that can scale well, so it may be used in all contexts an organization may need.

Selected Work

Cantan Group

Cantan Group is a Web Development and Design firm. The directive was to create a logo that conveyed a group aesthetic that would represent the different facets of the company working together. Using different colours allowed for a variety of colours for which to pull from for branding in the website as well as proposals.

One Client

The One Client Logo was created for the internal Client Relationship Management software for Achēv. The directive was to convey the One Client brand as well as unifying of the different departments through this software. The colours in the logo were taken from the different departments within the organization that would be served by the CRM.


The Appanzee logo was created to represent the new start up. The directive was to incorporate a chimpanzee into the logo, to make it somewhat edgy and to give it a sense of self assured confidence.