Surface Pattern Design

My surface pattern design work seeks to combine bold and graphic styles with ornate designs. I create both modern and traditional styles and seek to introduce a sense of playfulness in all my work. Among other mediums, my art practice has long involved linoleum stamp carving which often informs the creative process and aesthetic in my work.

My work is heavily influenced by Pakistani culture as I grew up surrounded by the beautiful and intricate textiles loved by my Mother. This is undoubtedly referenced in my more detailed pieces. I am also drawn to bold minimalism, such as typically might be observed in Scandinavian design, and seek to bring these styles together to make something all my own.


The Humble Pomegranate

Pomegranates are a visually stunning and culturally significant fruit. In many cultures the pomegranate holds symbolic meaning and important cultural references. Across different cultures they have come to symbolize life, love and vitality.

Pomegranate motifs are often used in homewares across the world and a universally love, classic motif.

The patterns in this collection follow the life cycle of the pomegranate from the seed stage until it's cut open to be enjoyed.

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The Joy Collection

Bold, bright and fun florals. This fresh and joyful collection is geared toward children and adult clothing.. The collection was intended to bring joy and happiness to viewer with bright, bold and contrastful imagery.

These pattern contain motifs that come most naturally to my my hand and will often be found on the margins of any paper that I'm writing on.

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Imaginica Botanica

This stationary and gift wrap collection is inspired by magical realism. A black white and ivory collection that conjures up memories of Alice and Wonderland and a little bit of Beetlejuice. The collection includes Indian florals, striped and tiled patterns and looks to juxtapose bold and ornate patterns.

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